About Us

Hello, my name is Giselle and I help kids to express their creativity through sewing.

I teach kids how to sew through online courses and various projects.

My mission is to help create a new generation of slow fashion enthusiasts by helping as many kids to learn how to sew and encouraging them to be more mindful of the planet and push for change in the industry.

I believe that learning how to sew as a child brings forth many benefits from building confidence, improving fine motor skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving.
Sewing is also very calming and offers great activities for children to decompress and destress from the on-screen digital world.

Sadly over the past two generations, people have somehow lost their interest in sewing. Whether be it because of lack of time or the fact that consumerism and fast fashion have
made things so accessible that learning how to sew wasn’t something people pushed as a priority and sewing, once seen as a necessary life skill, was dropped to the side.
Today, we are left with many people who don’t know how to sew… many of them are parents who wish they had taken the time… and now want their children to learn.

Parents want more analog activity choices for their kids that will enrich their child’s life and assist with their development.

I learned how to sew as a child. I started at the age of 5 and watched my mother create the most wonderful garments. She could whip up anything you could imagine and often did so the night before.
She spoiled my sister and me with designer-like fashions and of course, they were always matching!

I started to play with her fabric scraps and made a dress for my Barbie doll. I found myself always sewing something.
One day I saw my mother working the strangest shaped pattern and I asked what it was. It was a pattern for pants and she explained how these weird shapes would form a pair of pants.
My brain was so intrigued. It was like a puzzle that you could wear! I enjoyed how it stretched my brain and from then, I started working with patterns and making “haute couture” dresses for my dolls.
Eventually, I was sewing soo much that I didn’t have time to play with dolls. Instead, I started making fashions for my friend’s dolls.
I even made a few Cabbage Patch Kid-type dolls for my BFFs!

It wasn’t long until I started making my own clothes, then dresses for the school dance, and soon started to make prom dresses for my sister’s friends.
I loved the creativity that sewing offered me and I always felt empowered to be able to create whatever I wanted or could dream up.
Eventually, this led me into studying Fashion Design. I enjoyed a career in the industry designing clothing for men, women, and children.

Once I had children, I stayed home to nurture them. Like any other parent, I wanted to assist with my child’s development.
I was always on the lookout for new activities to expose them to. Ones that were mostly analog, included elements of intrigue that fired their brains, allowed them to be creative and enabled self-expression.
Of course, I introduced them to sewing because as I child, it checked off all the boxes.

I started noticing that more parents were choosing analog activities in order to balance the excessive screen time being consumed by their children.

I think it’s important for all kids (boys or girls) to learn how to sew. But not every parent can teach their kids so I felt compelled to help.

For this reason, I create SewKids!

SewKids! is not just about taking a few sewing lessons. It’s soo much more! It’s about fostering creativity and exploring new ideas, building confidence while improving social and self-development.
Our community of like-minded kids is introduced to new possibilities for creating, up-cycling, repurposing, repairing, and are encouraged to adopt eco-friendly and slow fashion methods.

Want your child to become a SewKid?

Our programs start as young as 6 years old with simple hand sewing lessons, introductory machine lessons through to advanced machine sewing.
At SewKids, your child will begin the basics with creative, simple, and stress-free lessons.
Gradually, each following lesson will deliver more complex and intricate techniques to effectively transform your child from not knowing how to sew to be able to create their own designs masterfully.
As they progress, they will be more independent and parents will no longer need to assist in their learning.

I invite your child to join our community and thrive in their new creative environment!