Tools and Supplies – Beginner Hand Sewing

by | Dec 5, 2020

Getting started with sewing doesn’t require a lot of tools but sometimes it is helpful to start with a basic sewing kit. There are several styles to choose from with varying supplies. You may already have some items at home. The items required for the challenge are listed below. 

For your reference, I included an Amazon shopping list below (with affiliate links) in order to offer a visual aid in identifying the supplies. You are not required to purchase these exact items nor are you required to purchase from Amazon. These items are available at craft stores, dollar stores, and your local sewing shop.

Tools and Supplies:

Sewing Kit – for quick startup and convenience. You may need to add more items in order to complete the list.
Craft scissors – (for paper) Consider the size, ease of use and comfort for your child.
Fabric scissors – Suitable for cutting fabric only. Sized appropriately for child.
Measuring Tape or Straight Ruler
Sharpie Marker
Sewing Pins or Sewing Clips

Needles & Thread – You may choose to use a hand sewing needle and regular sewing thread however, for beginners I recommend using a thicker embroidery thread (floss). For this, you will require a Large Eye Blunt Needle which has a larger opening to accommodate the thicker thread. If you cannot find these, other suitable needles are: Ribbon Embroidery, Chenille, Darning, Tapestry or Cross Stitch. The Tapestry or Cross Stitch are great because they also have blunt tips – which benefits the child.

Large Eye Blunt Needle(s) – As mentioned above
Embroidery Thread – Available in various colours.

Needle Threader Tools– Wire loop type. These are very useful for kids as they can sometimes struggle with threading the needle independently. These tools can break easily, buy a few extras.

Thimble * – Optional. Available in metal or silicone. The silicone type are nice for kids. Try to find a small fit.

Fabric – I recommend using crafting felt. It is sturdy, it does not fray, and it is easy to insert the larger needles through. It’s available on the roll (fabric store) in sheets from a craft or dollar store. Best of all, it comes in many vibrant colours and the sheets often come in bundles. Alternatively, you may other fabric that you have around the house such as medium weight cotton in a solid or print pattern.

Polyester Batting – Great for stuffing all kinds of projects. You only need a small amount for the challenge so you could substitute with cotton balls.

White School Glue – For reinforcing the paper patterns.
Scotch Tape / Masking Tape – For merging pattern pieces.

Hot Glue Gun / Fabric Glue – I always encourage the kids to sew on their embellishments but will make an exception for googly eyes. 🙂

Printer and Paper – Regular paper is fine. I prefer to use a heavier card stock. You can make your own sturdy pattern by gluing the pattern to a cereal box cardboard before cutting out the shape. There will be a demo later in the course.

Embellishments * – Optional. Get creative by adding beads, buttons, googly eyes, ribbon, feathers, sequins and pom poms to your project.

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Tools and Supply Examples: From Amazon (Affiliate Links)
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Sewing Kit
Craft scissors
Fabric scissors – Kids Right-Handed
Fabric scissors – Kids Left-Handed
Fabric scissors – Teens/Adult Right Handed
Fabric scissors – Teens/Adult Left Handed

Measuring Tape
Straight Ruler
Patternmaking Ruler

Sharpie Marker

Sewing Pins
Sewing Clips
Pin Cushion – Tomato
Pin Cushion – Hedgehog

Sewing Needles for Regular Thread:
Hand Sewing Needle

Sewing Needles for Thick Thread: Choose only one from the list
Large Eye Blunt Needles
Cross Stitch Needle
Tapestry Needle
Ribbon Embroidery Needle
Chenille Needle
Darning Needle
Hand Sewing Needle

Needle Threader Tool – Wire loop type
Needle Threader Tool – Desktop style. May not be suitable for large eye needles

Thimble * – Optional

Regular Sewing Thread – Polyester or Cotton
Embroidery (floss) Thread – Various colours

Crafting Felt

Polyester Batting

White School Glue
Scotch Tape

Hot Glue Gun
Fabric Glue

Printer Paper: 

Regular – 20 Lb Copy & Print Quality

Card stock – 110 Lb Cardstock

Embellishments * – Optional